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Christian Creative Network is so excited to have partnered with Marlita Hill, to  bring you the Kingdom Art Life course

 ? Are you a Christian artist building a creative career but don’t have a Kingdom vision for what that looks like?

? Have you longed to discuss the relationship between your faith and art career but haven’t had the opportunity?

? Do you want to get alongside like-minded career-focused Christian creatives but don’t know where to look?


Kingdom Art Life is for you.

This February, Christian Creative Network is hosting The Kingdom Art Life Course, a 12 week study that guides you through twelve reflective conversations, in a small group setting, to affirm, nourish and support you in addressing the beliefs that have hindered you from fully walking in wholeness, moving in freedom and working from a harmonious relationship between your faith and art career.

These conversations will spark a renewal in the way you see your art life in God and God in your art life—helping you cultivate a Christ-centred, faith-maturing, Kingdom-building, purpose-fulfilling, fruit-producing, God-honouring, Holy Spirit led, intimacy deepening life in art that honours your creative heart as you boldly take space in your art career.

As an extra special BONUS, course author Marlita Hill, will be facilitating the study each week.


  • It’s online, so you can join from anywhere
  • Audio teaching and printable workbook provided
  • Maximum 10 attendees for effective discussions
  • Build meaningful relationships with likeminded creatives
  • Marlita Hill, course author, will facilitate the 12 week study

Who is Marlita Hill?

Marlita Hill is a multi-published author, choreographer, and educator who lives in California, America, and is a good friend of the Christian Creative Network.

She is the creator of the Kingdom Artist Initiative (KAI), which mentors professional artists of faith in building a healthy, undivided relationship between their faith and art career. She also forms instructional partnerships with colleges, artist organizations, and churches, providing curriculum to help disciple their marketplace artists. Her books have been used for college ministry courses, small groups, and dance ministries. Marlita is an Adjunct Instructor and MFA graduate with Belhaven University (MS). She is the Associate Director with Edge Project, produces a weekly podcast, The Kingdom Art Life, and is the Artistic Director/Choreographer for Speak Hill Dance Project, through which she showcases her own work and provides master classes, guest choreography, and residencies. For over twenty years, she has served God as a dance artist in the church and marketplace; and, through that experience, now mentors artists around the world.

Marlita’s wisdom and experience is extensive, and her joy and passion is equally infectious. During the Covid lockdowns, Christian Creative Network branch leaders from across the UK went through the Kingdom Art Life course together with Marlita and we cannot wait to share it with you.



  • Kingdom Art Life course meets virtually for 12 weeks
  • Once booked onto course you gain access to the Course Dashboard where you can access the teaching and workbook
  • Each week, participants listen to the Module Teaching in their own time prior to the session
  • Then gather at the appointed time for rich, nourishing group discussion about the module.

What will I get from the course?

Receive incredible tools and teaching to release breakthrough

Bust myths around Christianity and the arts

Change your mindset and activate new beliefs in your kingdom art life

Gain spiritual support for your creative career

Feel refreshed and encouraged in your creative career

Create time to consider your art career from God’s perspective

Receive revelation and confirmation over your art career


7-9pm – Zoom

Feb: 1, 8, 15, 22

Mar: 1, 8, 15, 22, 29

May: 5, 12, 19


11am-1pm | Zoom

Feb: 2, 9, 16, 23

Mar: 2, 9, 16, 23, 30

May: 4, 11, 18

So how much does it cost?


Introductory Offer

12 week online course including resources


Save £30 if you are a Christian Creative Directory* and/or Christian Creative Network** member

* If you are listed on the Christian Creative Directory, Use CODE: CCDKAL at the checkout. Make sure to write your CCD listing name in the comments at the checkout.
** If you are in a Christian Creative Network branch Facebook group, please see group pinned post for code details to apply when at the checkout.



What are the module titles?2022-01-17T04:27:36+00:00

Module 1: On the Issue of Seeing

Explores how we see ourselves and our experience as career-focused artists in Christ actively engaged in (or pursuing) an art career.


Module 2: The Relationship-Deepening Art Life, Pt. 1

Explores how we’ve come to see ourselves and our experience as career-focused artists in Christ the way we do.


Module 3: The Relationship-Deepening Art Life, Pt. 2

Explores how we begin to cultivate trust, intimacy, and vulnerability with God in our creative life so that we can walk in wholeness.


Module 4: The God-Honoring Art Life

Explores how struggles with usefulness has impacted our relationship with God and Christian community, and our vision of our place and art career.


Module 5: The Christ-Centered Art Life

Explores the reality of our experience as artists who have said yes to God.


Module 6: The Spirit-Led Art Life

Explores how the Holy Spirits leads us in the everyday-ness of our art careers.


Module 7: The Faith-Building Art Life

Explores the practical ways we build, manage, and navigate our art careers by faith.


Module 8: The Honorably-Minded Art Life

Explores the accountability of being a career-focused artist in relationship with Christ and the mindsets that keep our career decisions honorable.


Module 9: The Kingdom-Building Art Life

Explores how our “secular” art careers participate in building the Kingdom.


Module 10: The Fruit-Producing Art Life

Explores how God works through the daily routines and experiences of our art careers to produce spiritual maturity in us.


Module 11: The Purpose-Full Art Life

Explores how our creative lives participate in the things God purposes to do for us, in us, with us, and through us.


Module 12: The All-Honoring Art Life

Explores what it means to bring all parts of ourselves into all parts of our experience as Christians building an art career in secular culture.

What should I expect once I’ve paid and signed up2022-01-17T05:07:37+00:00

Once you have completed the purchase of your chosen Kingdom Art Life Course, you will receive a payment confirmation followed by a welcome email with details of the course zoom link and how to access the course dashboard where you access resources and print out your workbook. Please allow up to two days from payment, to receive the welcome email.

What is expected of course attendees?2022-01-17T04:29:10+00:00

Course attendees are expected to…

  • Listen to the module audio prior to each weekly session
  • Download and print the course workbook
  • Participate in the group discussions
  • Commit to being at all session
  • If unable to attend a session, attendees will need to communicate with the facilitator
  • Sessions will be recorded so if a session is missed, attendees can watch the missed session
What happens if I can’t make a session?2022-01-17T04:29:47+00:00
  • If unable to attend a session, attendees will need to communicate with the facilitator
  • Sessions will be recorded so if a session is missed, attendees can watch the missed session
Why are there only 10 places per course?2022-01-17T04:32:11+00:00

The Kingdom Art Life course has been written as a small group study and is best experienced in groups of no more than 12 people. The optimum size of an online course is 10 participants plus a facilitator. In-person courses can accommodate 12 participants plus a facilitator.

I want to do the course but can’t make the dates on offer, how can I do the course?2022-01-17T04:35:19+00:00

If you can’t make the courses on offer, please fill out the form in the link below, to register your interest and we will inform you when the next course is open for registration.


Why are there multiple courses running?2022-01-17T04:37:34+00:00

By running multiple courses simultaneously, we can are offer daytime and evening courses to make it easier for individuals to attend. All courses are identical in content and structure but differ in times.

Why is the course 12 weeks?2022-01-17T04:43:36+00:00

The course has been carefully crafted covering a wide variety of subjects, tackling the internal things Christians encounter while building their art careers in the marketplace. The course material invites participants on a journey that builds week on week. This journey allows the small group dynamics to form and discussions become rich and fruitful over time.

Why are the weekly sessions 2 hours?2022-01-17T04:44:11+00:00

Each session has a maximum of two hours allocated for small group discussion, however, session lengths may vary. Sessions aim to allow ample time to discuss and digest the course material.

Why hasn’t Christian Creative Network not run a course like this before?2022-01-17T04:42:40+00:00

Since launching Christian Creative Network in 2017, the aim has always been to encourage, support, and equip Christian creatives. Along with the CCN branch meets, workshops and events, the desire was always to run a course. In 2019 God connected CCN founder Josie Gamble, with Marlita Hill, a multi-published author, choreographer, and educator, who had just finished writing the Kingdom Art Life course. During the Covid lockdowns, CCN branch leaders from across the UK did the course together with the view to rolling out the Kingdom Art Life course through the branches. However, due to ever-present Covid restrictions, and variant threats, CCN decided to launch the Kingdom Art Life course online with the hope that future courses can be run in person.

What is the Christian Creative Network?2022-01-17T04:41:00+00:00

The Christian Creative Network launched in 2017 and exists to champion creativity in the church. CCN is doing this through a national network of local branches connecting & supporting Christian creatives. Each branch is run by a branch leader and hosts regular meets, workshops and events.


What is Christian Creative Directory?2022-01-17T04:42:06+00:00

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