What does it take to be a CCN branch leader?

A Christian Creative Network branch leader is someone who…

…loves meeting new people, building relationships and connecting individuals.
…is actively pursuing their own creative journey and developing their skills.
…is organised and familiar with putting on events.
…is passionate about championing creativity in the body of Christ and their community.
…is looking for flexible work around their family and/or other commitments.

What is provided?

New branch leaders will receive:

  • 250 business cards
  • 250 flyers
  • Pop up banner
  • Access to our Leaders’ Forum on Facebook
  • Training Manual
  • Your own branch page on the CCN website including your bio and headshot
  • Your own Branch Facebook Group which you admin
  • Marketing graphics for networking, workshops and events
  • Other branded documents like event organising templates, questionnaires, diary dates and more
  • Ongoing dedicated support and mentoring from the CCN director
  • Branded Mail Chimp templates for communicating to your branch

Why become a CCN branch leader?

Running a branch takes time and effort but there are many rewards. You become part of a supportive and encouraging creative community that acts as a catalyst for new creative projects in your area. You facilitate connections and opportunities, witness friendships form and collaborations develop. You become part of a wider network of branches and leaders across the UK. You can earn an modest extra income. You get mentoring from the CCN director and develop as a leader.

How does it work?

We truly believe in the vision of the Christian Creative Network and believe it has the potential to reach thousands of individuals and make a huge impact on the creative culture within the UK church. In order for the network to be sustainable, we have adopted a franchising model which we believe allows the network to remain grassroots, whilst providing the structure for sustainable growth. Branch leaders pay a franchise fee to run a branch in their area, however, they can easily make fee costs back through running workshops and events.

Want to talk more about starting your branch? Get in touch and lets talk.