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Branch Questionnaire

CCN Taunton Branch Leader: Mel Taylor

Mel lives in Taunton, Somerset with her husband and two beautiful children. Having moved from the West Midlands were she grew up, the family relocated to Taunton in 2018.

Mel studied at Wolverhampton University and graduated with a First Class Honours Degree in Illustration, with a particular focus on illustrating children’s storybooks. Mel has been a secondary school Art teacher for over 18 years, working with young people, encouraging and allowing them to develop their passion for the arts. She believes it’s important to establish creative spaces for both young and old to express their God-given talents.

Mel has delivered a number of activities and workshops within schools and churches and has also taken part in exhibitions and sold her own artwork, into which she invariably incorporates the text of scripture.

Receiving encouragement as a young child to be creative, she remembers at a young age making, designing, drawing and exploring all kinds of mediums on the kitchen table, sprawling into the back garden, creating with mountains of art stuff … Heaven!

Mel is married to Simon who is the Pastor of Oakwood Church, Taunton and is actively involved in loving, serving and seeing people transformed by the power of a creative and loving God.

CCN Taunton launched March 2019 and meets the 1st Monday of each month. Why not come along and connect with like-minded local Christian Creatives.