Facebook Group Guidelines:


  1. The branch leader will facilitate threads of conversations, such as; ‘Share your wares’ or ask questions like ‘What are you working on?’ Do reply in the comments rather than starting lots of separate post conversations. This helps to keep the group feed streamlined and easy to navigate.
  2. On becoming a group member, you will be tagged in a welcome post to introduce yourself*, feel free to introduce yourself and your creative expression.
  3. When a new CCN branch launches, the Facebook group settings are are set so that all posts have to be approved by the admin/branch leader. As the group community matures, the settings are relaxed and posts no longer need approval by the admin/branch leader. However, the admin/branch leader reserves the right to change the settings at any point should they deem it necessary. If you are in doubt about whether to post something or not, please message your branch leader first.
  4. Please use this group as a referral network and for your queries, questions, support and advice. Although you cannot advertise your business on the wall, you can respond to relevant posts offering your services/products if applicable and post links to your Facebook page or website when prompted to by the branch leader.


  1. Anybody that continues to spam this group will be removed as will the posts. This may look like constant posts to your business or events page with no interaction with the group. Posts that are nothing to do with creativity. Posting inappropriate material.
  2. Anyone found to be direct messaging other members without consent from them either within the group or at our events will be removed from the group.
  3. Anyone found to be trolling, argumentative, aggressive and/or rude will be removed from the group.

* This may vary slightly from branch to branch.


CCN local branch Facebook groups are ‘Closed’, which means that anyone can find the group and see who’s in it, but only members can see posts or write a post. We have chosen to do it this way so that conversations, questions and advice are done so between members of the group and not open for strangers to see and comment on. This helps to build a secure environment cultivating openness and greater connection.

Admins approve new group members for the following reasons:

  1. Suitability for the group – are they age and location appropriate?  For example someone form America wanting to join the local Wolverhampton group is not appropriate.
  2. When a new member joins the group the admin is made aware and can tag them in a welcome introduction post.

Whilst the online network is fast, effective and wide reaching, it’s at the local monthly MEETS that deep, meaningful and sustained connections are made. The online networking exists to support the face-2-face networking.

It would be very easy to grow an online network of tens of thousands, however one of the values of the CCN network is that we are not going after a mega group with thousands of members, but rather smaller local clusters where people can have genuine connections and input. Where if someone asks for advice they can be directed to a local solution. Where the people they network with online are the same faces they meet at the monthly MEET.

Yes, as long as you are already Facebook friends you can simply go to ‘Add Members’. They will then be pending, awaiting admin approval.

Yes, should you live between two branches and feel you can create genuine connections with the two groups.

If there is no Branch active near you, don’t worry, CCN is expanding all the time, simply Sign Up and we will inform you when a branch opens near you.

Alternatively, you might consider becoming a branch leader for your area.

In the mean time, please feel free to join the Facebook Group of the nearest group.

To become a branch leader, please request a branch leader franchise pack and we will send you the franchise pack which you can fill in and return. You will then be contacted for a phone/Skype interview, we will follow up your references and then it goes to the CCN team for a final decision.

A limited number of reduced franchise plan are available on a first come first served basis for £150. After that the price will increase. Please contact us to request a branch leader franchise pack and up to date prices.

By owning your franchise you will be called Christian Creative Network (Agreed area/radius) and this is the package you will receive:

  • 250 business cards
  • Pop up banner
  • Access to our Leaders’ Forum on Facebook
  • National leaders training days
  • Training Manual
  • Your own branch page on the website including your bio and headshot
  • Your own Branch Facebook Group which you admin
  • Marketing graphics to be used in your group for regular threads, interaction and events
  • Other branded documents like ‘Member of the Month’ ‘Feedback Forms’ etc
  • Ongoing dedicated support and mentoring
  • Access to Facebook messenger chat with CCN director
  • Discounted listing in the Creative Directory