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CCN Salisbury Branch Leader: Gemma Dunn

Gemma, co-founded the Christian Creative Network in 2017 with friend Josie Gamble. Both were passionate about creativity, and wanted to get Christian creatives in the area together to connect, share ideas, grow and encourage one another. Neither could have imagined where those humble beginnings would take them. Gemma moved from Wolverhampton in 2018 and now runs the CCN Salisbury branch.

Gemma is a painter and printmaker with a passion for materials and traditional craftsmanship. She is inspired by the texture and colour of old brickwork, battered antique picture frames, handmade discoloured lace, crumbling wood carvings and other such treasures. She would describe herself as endlessly side-tracked by the finest handiwork of all the natural world.

Gemma has a background in Product Design with a degree from Loughborough University, but after having children decided to follow her passion and pursue fine art as a career. She has acquired many skills through hard work and self-directed learning, with the support and guidance of practising mentors. Recently, she has enjoyed exhibiting work in various galleries around the UK and loves supporting other artists through the Christian Creative Network.

Now settled in Salisbury, she works in a variety of media including oils, acrylic painting and linocut printmaking. Gemma believes in the power of beauty to heal and restore, and her subject matter explores the metaphors found in nature that speak of an unseen world of spirit and soul.