CCN joins Creative Christianity Summit

CCN News   •   Jun, 2020

Christian Creative Network is so proud to be involved with the Creative Christianity Summit hosted by Cheerfully Given this month, 17-21 June.

CCN Director Josie Gamble spoke last year at the Creative Christianity Conference in London and was thrilled to be invited back and share more of the CCN journey and talk about ‘The Importance Of Cultivating Creative Community’.

We have long believed that the Church is in a renaissance of creativity, a renewed interest in creativity, and it’s exciting to see all the amazing initiatives, conferences, summits and events that have been emerging in the past few years and not just here in the UK.

In a time of global uncertainty, people may be asking is creativity important, but now more than ever I believe it is not only important but vital and vital that the Church actively cultivates a healthy creative culture and this is why…

– Creative people are God’s tool for restoring identity.
– Creativity makes the gospel accessible today.
– Culture is the result of the creative process and we want to bring a Kingdom culture.
– Creativity is the power to act.
– Creativity is not a mood. Creativity is not a gift. It’s the very nature of God inside of you.
– The nature of an artisan is to create a bridge between the natural and spiritual realms.
– Creativity release praise, prayers and even people.

The Creative Christianity Summit was scheduled to take place this year as a physical conference in London, however, Covid 19 interruptions have meant that in order to continue it had to go online. Obviously there are some things that an online event can never replace but the amazing thing is that the summit can now reach many more hundreds of people than previously planned.

See you there.


Creative Christianity Summit schedule

Day 1: Wednesday, 17 June 2020

2pm – Jesus is the Centre of Everything – with Paul Blackham
3pm – Identity: An Interview with Content Creator & Life Coach Breeny Lee
4pm – I Am So Many Things: A Session Exploring Identity & Creativity with artist Thea Muir
5pm – Creativity for All: Art and Inclusion with Kathryn Hitchings, Head of Art specialising in teaching art to autistic & neurodiverse young people
6pm – A Digital Origami Workshop with author & paper artist Origami Est
7pm – The Power of Branding & Design: An Interview with Graphic Designer Luke Tonge
8pm – LIVE Day One Welcome & Debrief in the Facebook Group with Menekse


Day 2: Thursday, 18 June 2020

2pm – Jesus is the Fullness of God with – Paul Blackham
3pm – An Interview with artist Bonita Ebuehi, entrepreneur behind Bonita Ivie Prints & The Sister Table
3:45pm – Cultivating Wonder: A Mini Photography Workshop for Children with Jonathan Self
4:15pm – Bible Journaling Workshop with Doodling Faith
5:15pm – Creativity in Church: An Interview with Martha Shrimpton
6pm – Single Mum to Six Figures: Building a Creative Business with Amber Leach
8pm – Being a Creative Missionary with Patrick and Maya Laurent of Laurent Collective

Day 3: Friday, 19 June 2020

2pm – Jesus is the Reality – with Paul Blackham
2:45pm – Communicating the Unseen: An Interview with Janina Victoria, Watercolour Artist & Creative Director at Hillsong UK
3:30pm – Keeping the Faith on Facebook with Nona Jones of Nona Jones Ministries and Global Head of Faith Partnerships at Facebook
4pm – Bible Journaling Workshop with HK Creations
5pm – Marketing for Jesus: with Benn Price, Head of Marketing for UCB and Founder of StaffDesignCo
6pm – An Interview with Taylor Satchell Reid, Founder & Editor of Clarity Magazine
7pm – How We Communicate: An Interview with Benj Lyon of Create Conference
8pm – LIVE in the Facebook Group with Menekse

Day 4: Saturday, 20 June 2020

1pm – Creative Sermon Notes with Christie Daugherty from Create with Christie
2pm – Jesus is at the Right Hand of God – with Paul Blackham
3pm – Hand Lettering & Typography: An Interview with Ian Barnard
4pm – Cultivating Creative Community with Josie Gamble, Director of Christian Creative Network UK
4:45pm – Crochet a Rainbow with Jordan Lily Designs
5:45p – A Hand Lettering Challenge with Ian Barnard
6pm – Eco Friendly Creativity – Being Good Stewards of Creation: An Interview with Chloe Ainsley of Chloe Ainsley Creative
6:30pm – Creativity in the Open Air with Beth Webber of Wide Open and Rooted
7pm – Jesus the Artist: A Session with Menekse Stewart of Cheerfully Given
8pm – LIVE Quiz Night in the Facebook Group with Menekse

Day 5: Sunday, 21 June 2020

2pm – Jesus is our Master in Heaven – with Paul Blackham
3pm – Called to Create? An Interview with Jordan Raynor, author of Called to Create and Master of One, and founder of Jordan Raynor & Company
4pm – An Interview with Ruth-Yimika Afolabi, Founder & Editor of MAGNIFY
4:30pm – A Brush Lettering Workshop with Temitope Manning from Living Letter Designs
5:30pm – Sharing Jesus Through Theatre: An Interview with Saltmine Theatre Company
6:30pm – Walking Boldly in Your Industry: A Session with Sierra Pruitt, Photographer & Founder of the Image of God podcast
7:15pm – Running a Christian Business Using Your Creativity with Menekse
8pm – LIVE After Party in the Facebook Group with Menekse

12 month access to the recordings
A Facebook group to connect with other attendees, encourage one another, share your creative endeavours and get inspired
Live Q&As with some of our speakers
Fun live activities including a quiz night and an online market
The ability to buy a half-price ticket for a friend 🎉
PDFs, templates, and prompts to help you explore your own journey of faith and creativity
Ideas for how you can serve your local church using creativity