CCN Holds it’s First Branch Leader Training Day.

CCN News   •   Oct, 2019

October was very significant for the Christian Creative Network as it saw the first-ever CCN branch leaders training day.

All seven branches, existing and launching soon, were represented at the training day and it was very special.

Many of the leaders had not met each other before so it was a day of connecting and getting to know each other. Hearing about each other’s creative expressions, experience and hopes for their CCN branch.

The branch leaders had travelled from Essex, West London, Shrewsbury, Wolverhampton, Taunton, Tiverton and Torquay to learn the practicalities of running their branch and championing creativity in the body of Christ in their areas.

The four new branches, Essex, West London, Shrewsbury and Tiverton will launch in January and preparations are underway in readyness for the launches. Each branch has their own page on the CCN website,  branch online networking groups have been created and new members are already getting connected.

We hope to do several more training days in 2020 in different regions and increase the number of branches in thenetwork.