CCN Wolverhampton Exhibition RECLAIM.

CCN News   •   May, 2019

The Christian Creative Network Wolverhampton branch hosted it’s 2nd creative exhibition in May.

The exhibition, titled ‘Reclaim’, showcased 15 local Christian creatives whos work included; spoken word, poetry, glass, textiles, watercolour, print, graphic design, illustration, oil paint, ink and resign.

For some, the response to the theme ‘Reclaim’ was a reclaiming of their creativity, while others it was a reclaiming of dreams and other still it was a reclaiming of God’s sovereignty.

Much of the work sold and will continue to minister hope to its owners in its new surroundings.

Christian Creatove Network branches not only network and equip creatives but provide opportunities, like this exhibition, to showcase, sell and promote their work. Events can look like exhibition, maers fayres, open mic nights, fashion shows, performances anything that suits the members of the branch.